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Someone That I Used To Know

by Franky
Aug 4th, 2015; 7:07 am (GMT+8) 0

What A Day

by Fantine (feat Wyclef Jean & El Cata)
Aug 4th, 2015; 6:06 am (GMT+8) 1.4K 7
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Aug 8th
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I Love You More

Aug 4th, 2015; 2:44 am (GMT+8) 0


Aug 3rd, 2015; 8:00 pm (GMT+8) 2.7K 14

wtf! regarding wtf

Aug 3rd, 2015; 6:37 pm (GMT+8) 1
I should have posted this update around 18 hours ago when the issue occured but it was too late and i needed to catch on my ZZZs (it was already 5am). So at around 11pm (my time), was classified as not safe by Google Web Safe. Luckily i caught it when it happened. So users might get an alert from Chrome and Firefox while trying to accesss So my first instinct was delist us from that by removing possible advertisers that's causing the alert. I activated one of our extra dormant domain names lying around in store room and put it in good use to prevent possible stop-gates to our loyal visitors and also paying premium members. So for the next few hours after that, i tweaked the scripts and tweaked all 7 servers to enable multi-domain name access. I too made changes on to redirect all links to the new temporary domain. So as for now all urls is also accessible via Note: When you're logged on, you're not automatically logged in onto This is because cookies are based by domain name. The site is still the exact same copy. On last note, we have been removed from the blacklist, i will slowly revert the links back to on dirrty side. Final note: i'm working hard on juggling everything including a faster and featured-filled version of the site. that includes ONE CLICK MULTI DOWNLOAD!