Still with Me

by Chicane (feat Bo Bruce)
Oct 1st, 2014; 11:21 pm (GMT+8) 0 0

server upgrade

Oct 1st, 2014; 10:39 pm (GMT+8) 0 0
Hey guys, it's me again! I will be moving the site to a newer and faster server with more RAM by end of the week (Saturday/Sunday). From now till then, I'm already in the midst of preparing and testing stuff out for the actual move. The cost of staying on my current provider is the same of the total cost of my other 3 servers. Plus I'm more well versed with Ubuntu/Debian than Redhat. So there is possibly some down time during the switch. I predict at most a 15 minute down time.


Look My Way

Oct 1st, 2014; 7:07 am (GMT+8) 16 1


by Nabiha
Oct 1st, 2014; 4:04 am (GMT+8) 22 1

Get Lost

Oct 1st, 2014; 12:22 am (GMT+8) 2.6K 2