rockdizfile's servers are down. sharebeasts' security has been compromised. trying to reupped asap yet again. laggy third party scripts will be dealt too.
message from me:

i'm going away and away again

yes, sorry to say i will be away for 5 days from this coming friday and only back on tuesday. and again for 3 days the following friday till sunday. and the best part is every thursday to saturday is our most active days of the week. thats when all most of the releases come out and where the site get the most traffic too.

so don't worry yet! everytime when i go for holidays (if i do get to), i always do the usual pre-scheduling on the days i will be away. i usually schedule 3 posts a day and still do ad-hoc updates when hot mixes get released. but unfortunately on my last 12 day holiday, my hotel internet connection suc|< balls. i cant even upload anything or even do my usual daily online readings (think: dial up speeds!). throughout that trip i went to 3 cities.. everytime before i would go to the next one, i'm always hopeful that my luck would change. but lady luck didn't come at all. so this time, i'm all readyyyy!! no bad connection will stop me! i already locked down the whole masterplan on how to get things from A (me) to Z (you). all the required scripts are in place. and it's faster than the way i'm doing now. i will be skipping 3 steps in my usual 10 step process. so woohoo!!!

No Mediocre

by T.I. (feat Iggy Azalea)
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by Calvin Harris (feat Ellie Goulding)

Rolling In The Deep


Break Free

by Ariana Grande (feat Zedd)
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