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The Remixes Collection


Jennifer Lopez! We all now know her as a flop! A big flop after the Bennifer - Ben Affleck and Jennifer. Flop movies! Flop singles! Flop albums! To the extend i reallly really pity her. To be honest, Jennifer is my guilty pleasure. And i really do like her albums... Before the flopamania, she was the biggest thing is the music industry! Okay, not the biggest... but she was really BIG! #1 albums, #1 singles, #1 movies... if i'm not wrong, at one stage she had the #1 album and the #1 movie in the US... she did create some sort of record! Her remix album - J-to-tha L-O was the first ever remix album that topped the Billboard Album charts! and she has a total of 4 #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, 2 on the UK Singles Charts and 3 Canadian #1s. So in terms of albums sales, believe it or not, she sold a total of 48 millions album worldwide!!! So yea, i <3 J-to-tha-L-O.


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live setlist:

Beyonce Live Mix


Lady Gaga
Live at MTV UK Sessions


Our "resident" DJ, DJ Yoshiki has come out with a setlist mix based on Lady Gaga's MTV UK Session! So basically it's a track with all of Lady Gaga's live performances. She sings Poker Face, Just Dance and LoveGame... It's a hot hot mix!!!


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Please Don't Leave Me

by Pink