by Jennifer Lopez (feat Iggy Azalea/Pitbull)
Sep 23rd, 2014; 8:08 pm (GMT+8) 2.1K 7

Day Day

by DJ Tommy Stewart (feat Melanie MaCabe & Donna Bissett)
Sep 23rd, 2014; 6:06 pm (GMT+8) 0 0

This Is How We Do

Sep 23rd, 2014; 4:06 pm (GMT+8) 4.7K 19
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Let It Be

Sep 23rd, 2014; 7:07 am (GMT+8) 5 0

DJ Keith Hoffman (USA)

VelvetNation ThrowBack (08.2014)

Sep 23rd, 2014; 6:06 am (GMT+8) 0 0

A new mixset by DJ Keith Hoffman
Keith is a fresh, new, and quickly up-and-coming DJ based in Washington, DC. In only six months, he acquired two residencies in DC, a residency on DanceMixAuthority airing three times a week, and every Friday and Saturday night on a popular Hi-Def dance radio station in Sydney, Australia. Keith's sets can be heard weekly on DanceMixAuthority, Sobel Nation Radio as well as on Strictly Dance Radio. Keith has DJ'ed a sets for crowds of thousands during Capital Pride 2011, 2012 & 2013, Baltimore Pride 2010, and Gay Days at Six Flags America in 2011 and 2012. He has played dozens of venues up and down the east coast. Follow Keith on MixCloud for all his latestnsets

Kristine W. - Clubland (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)
Amber - Above The Clouds (Ultimix Remix)
Tamperer feat. Maya - If You Buy This Record (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)
Thalia - Dance, Dance [The Mexican] (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Vocal Mix)
Madonna - Ray of Light (Victor Calderone Acid Remix)
Charlotte – Skin (Club 69 Anthem Remix)
Kim English - Unspeakable Joy (Hex Hector Remix)
Veronica - Someone To Hold (Vicious Calderone Club Mix)
SM-Trax - Got The Groove (SM In Motion Mix)
Vernessa Mitchell - This Joy (Razor-n-Guido Club Mix)
Lulu- Hurt Me So Good (Club 69 Tribal Vox Anthem Remix)
Amuka - Appreciate Me (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix)
Club 69 feat. Lula - Men Are Drugs (Original Club Mix)
Monica - Get It Off (That Kid Chris Mix)


supporting regional and upcoming djs =)

One Life

by Chris Willis (and Joachim Garraud)
Sep 23rd, 2014; 4:04 am (GMT+8) 530 2
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I Can't Stop Drinking About You

Sep 23rd, 2014; 1:01 am (GMT+8) 2.4K 7


by Disclosure (feat Sam Smith)
Sep 22nd, 2014; 4:04 pm (GMT+8) 851 3

100 MIXES IN 48 HOURS! More than 100!

Sep 22nd, 2014; 12:21 pm (GMT+8) 18 1
48 hours ago, i thought the most random thing ever in the world. Just release 100 remixes over the weekend. So 100 MIXES IN 48 HOURS campaign came to life! So after 48 hours later, i think i posted a little over 100 mixes! (i cheated. i counted WAVs too :p)

Recap: About 100 MIXES IN 48 HOURS
TONS of exclusives and official remixes will be added onto the site within the next 48 hours! We aim to add 100 mixes within this 2 day period! LUCKY YOU! So visit us every 3-4 hour so you will never miss this crazy nothingness created for the sake of creating

Body Needs

Sep 22nd, 2014; 12:12 pm (GMT+8) 330 2
Week of
Sep 27th
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